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Cleaning Services Edmonton & Maid Service

Here in Edmonton, a city with a harsh winter followed by a hot summer, there are many opportunities for your home or business to become a little messy or dusty. For instance, the summer’s hot air currents blow in dust from all around the province, giving everything in your home and office a dirty binge and making it easy for people with allergies to get irritated. Moreover, when the winter arrives, a lot of moisture from warm weather that is left to freeze thaw and soften over and over again, therefore making your entryways and windows dirty and dark. So these problems do not only cause aesthetic issues in regards to a clean place, they also pose major health hazards that need to be taken care of. That’s why Homeowners turn to cleaning professionals like Mira Cleaners in Edmonton AB. Our house cleaning services Edmonton AB, have been rated the best because our cleaning team uses only the best cleaning products to do the house cleaning job. Our Maid Service will provide a house cleaning as you’ve never seen before. Our cleaning service offers a complete cleaning package that could get your household cleaning done in a detailed deep cleaning using safe cleaning practices for your kids and pets.

Why You Should Hire Professional Mira Cleaners?

Because it’s an easy solution. And we mean it. As the digital age rolls forward, one thing became very clear. E-commerce and online services evolved in favor of the consumers in general. With a simple tap on your smartphone or your computer, you can easily call a driver, order food, or simply, order any kind of product to your doorstep faster and cheaper than ever before.
Luckily, our Team Members at Mira Cleaners we do our best to use the technology that is present to provide you with our amazing cleaning services. With the touch of your fingers, you can easily summon a maid to your home, choose and customize your cleaning services and see the pricing instantly.

Our solution is simple, easy and effective.  By lowering the time and expenses that is needed for management, scheduling and communication, we can easily offer affordable cleaning services in all around the Edmonton. With our goal of becoming an ongoing part of our clients’ lives, you can choose from our subscription plans so that your place can be absolutely clean all year-round.  

Planning to rent your place for a few days? Our AirBnB cleaning service will cover all your cleaning needs. Are you a property owner that require a cleaning before a new tenant moves in? Or simply a tenant that is about to move out and wants save his/her deposit? Our move in and move out cleaning service is just the thing that you are looking for. Are you a home builder that requires a complete post construction cleaning, or simply a post renovation cleaning? You can trust our expert cleaners to provide a shining job. Try booking now and you will have no regrets.

Quality Services on Time, Every Time.

From our experience, a lot of home and business owners in Edmonton think that by addressing the problematic areas such as kitchen and bathrooms, they can achieve a proper cleaning. However, in reality, unaddressed areas such as walls, floors, tables and mirrors etc. cause the real issue. Without using thorough cleaning services such as Mira Cleaners, these unattended areas collect so much dust that these particles spread to other sections of your place as well. Our cleaning company will give you the customer service, business excellence, and residential cleaning, house cleaners should provide in Edmonton. 

It’s not by accident that our cleaners are known as providing the best cleaning services in Edmonton. Our Maid service will go above and beyond what most cleaning companies will provide. 

Our cleaners will address every section of your living and working space, no matter how small or large. Together with problematic areas, they will pay special attention to walls, table-tops, floors, mirrors and every exterior or interior part of your space according to your choices and wishes. While dusting, mopping and vacuuming are routine tasks that our cleaners will do with ease, they can also clean inside of ovens, microwaves, cabinets, and can take out your trash and recyclables for you.

For instance, if you are considering a move out cleaning service to save yourself a hefty safety deposit, we will make sure to deliver what you need.

Mira Cleaners are thorough and extensive, they do not leave until the job is complete.

Reliability and Cleaning Equipment

Mira Cleaners come equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. If you require some specific cleaning service (e.g. cleaning soft surfaces or wood) or specific eco friendly supplies, you can alert us beforehand and we’ll make sure our professionals will come prepared. If you moved in recently or moving out and short on supplies for a comprehensive cleaning, Mira Cleaners can be perfect, timely solution.

All the cleaners at Mira Cleaners are experienced and vetted. Our cleaning services are fully insured. We know very well that inviting a stranger into your home requires a great deal of trust, therefore we took all the extra steps to review our cleaners and ran background checks on them. We're not like other cleaning companies who offer services like carpet cleaning services, covid 19 cleaning, window cleaning, or any other specialty cleaning. We specialize especially in Post construction, commercial cleaning services, auto dealerships, house cleaning service, and other similar cleaning packages.


We are mobile friendly. Book just as easily from your phone as you can on your computer.

Servicing area includes greater Edmonton and following areas;

St. Albert




Stony Plain


Sherwood Park


Spruce Grove

Our Services

Move in & Move out Cleaning

Extremely thorough, designed to save your security deposit.

Post Construction Cleaning

For newly built and renovated houses.

Office Cleaning

Committed and effective cleaning for your work space.

Professional Cleaners Edmonton

Do you need the best of the best when it comes to cleaning? We’ve got staff who are highly trained to tackle even the hardest house cleaning job. 

Cleaning Lady Edmonton

We have the best cleaning ladies around Edmonton. 

Home Cleaning Services

Mira cleaners is the best home cleaning services in Edmonton

Customer Reviews

Ron Kerrison
4 reviews
Very pleased with how meticulous the cleaning staff was! There isn’t a surface or floor that they didn’t thoroughly clean after we completed a detailed move-in cleaning. They were more than helpful when we needed the cleaning at the last minute. Definitely going to use them again in the future!
Macey Stewart
Local Guide · 17 reviews
Mira Cleaners had a great track record! For my move-out inspection, they did an excellent job cleaning my apartment. They were punctual, meticulous, and polite. They have my highest recommendation, and I can’t wait to make more future reservations with them!
8 reviews
We only discovered we needed to employ them for other tasks around the house when they showed up to clean our furnishings. We had stains that had been there for about four years, but thanks to their excellent reputation, they were able to get rid of them. To make sure everything was flawless, they worked late. We have no issues because the service was superb.

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