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The focus at Mira Cleaners is on people, including both you and our staff. Without selecting the greatest specialised home cleaners, we would not be able to provide you with the best cleaning service. Our employees are thoroughly vetted for both their character and their skills. In actuality, we only hire 2% of the applicants we receive. We are THE BEST as a people!


We reward our staff by providing them with a great work atmosphere, performance bonuses, salary that is above average, and sponsored social events and activities in exchange for upholding and meeting our high standards. By keeping your house fresh and pristine, we hope to enrich the lives of our cleaning specialists in the same way that they brighten yours.

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At Mira Cleaners, we adore a good tale more than anything else. When we learn that our assistance has made our clients’ daily lives simpler and happier, we feel incredibly honoured. Or when we know we contributed to a family’s move-in or move-out stress being reduced. Or perhaps we can take on the responsibility of making someone’s home more orderly, calm, and delightful after a trying time. On good days, those stories make us smile, and on bad days, they encourage us to persevere because we know that we are genuinely improving the lives of local families in the Mira Cleaners region, and that’s all that matters.

Great Atmosphere

The initial years of a new company were characterised by the routine challenges of finding clients, developing a strong team, and the sheer stress that comes with starting something new! However, Mira Cleaners gradually expanded and started to reach more customers in the broader Edmonton area. With our expansion came innovations in hiring procedures, scheduling methods, customer care, and client appreciation that enabled us to distinguish our maid service in Edmonton as a genuinely exceptional, high-quality housecleaning company.

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